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Vai ter: Wild Tropicalism no Anna Ecke

Programação para a noite de sábado:

Quando: Sábado, 15 de fevereiro

Onde: Anna Ecke, Reuterstr. 23, 12043 – Berlim.

A partir das 22h.

Bebete (aka Renata) is a Brazilian dj, since 2009 based in Berlin, after 7 years living in Barcelona. She is from Recife-Pernambuco, the city where, since at least 20 years, the most important Brazilian music scene happens. Renata Tati had enjoying and watching all of these bands and musicians growing up, sharing friends and beer with them. Brazilian music is her passion but she remember us: “That doesn’t mean only samba!”. Renata Tati mixes everything. She loves the traditional Samba, but also Psychedelic Rock, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Experimental Music, Eletronic Groovy beats and the so well known Bossa Nova… For her, music has no age, but the 70’s have something special. Listening her sets, you can always find something that you never listen, even if you are a Brazilian Music freaky. Combining this with Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, Indian, Balkan, English, African, Japanese and American beats, she just want one thing: fun.

Bebete is the new dj name of Renata Tati (or Renata La Borracha), who plays regularly also at Das Hotel, Aviatrix Café and Exhibitions Openings. She had played at Ä, Bohnengold, Café Burger in Berlin. Pacha, Casa Paco and Margarita Blue in Barcelona.

At Wild Tropicalism night she plays the hits and the unknown of brazilian music from 70’s, 60’s and modern music mixed with a very special selection of worldwide music. To dance and laugh!